HEIGHT:   6'2" 
WEIGHT:   203 lb
HAIR:   Black 
EYES:   Brown






Doctors: Calypso Time on Ben Morris/BBC Birmingham Drama
Doctors: Mountains to Climb Recurring Christiana Ebohon/BBC Birmingham Drama
Tru Calling: Death Becomes Her Principal Michael Katleman/20th Century Fox
The Chris Isaak Show: Candidate Principal Michael Rohl/Showtime
The Twilight Zone: Suspect Principal Risa Garcia/UPN/Newline/Trilogy
Haunted: (Pilot) Principal Michael Rymer/UPN
MythQuest: The Blessing Supporting Manfred Guthe/MythQuest Productions Alberta
Seven Days: Stairway To Heaven Recurring Various/Paramount/UPN
Andromeda: The Devil Takes… Supporting Allan Eastman/Fireworks/Global/Tribune
The Immortal: Forest for the Trees Principal Charles Wilkinson/Peace Arch Ent. Group
Stargate SG-1: Dead Man Switch Guest Star Martin Wood/MGM Worldwide
Strange World: Spirit Falls Principal Peter Markle/Fox
Cold Squad: The Kowalchuk Boy Principal Gary Harvey/CTV
The Net: Diamonds Aren’t Forever Principal Michael Robinson/Columbia Tristar
Nightman: Manimal Principal Allan Eastman/Alliance Atlantis
First Wave: Motel California Principal Gilbert Shilton/Space Channel
Welcome to Paradox: The Extra Principal Rod Pridy/Sci-Fi Channel
Millennium: Owls Principal Thomas J. Wright/Fox
X-Files: Kitsunegari Principal Dan Sackheim/Fox
X-Files:Unrequited Principal Michael Lange/Fox
Millennium:The Thin White Line Principal Thomas Wright/Fox
Sentinel: Black or White Principal Bill Gereghty/Paramount
Seven Days: The First Freshman Recurring Variousxxx/Paramount/UPN
Doctors: A Good Heart Recurring Christina Ebohon/BBC Birmingham Drama
Casualty: The Personal Touch Guest Jill Robertson/BBC Bristol
Hustle: Series 4 Episode 4 Principal Kudos Film & Television/BBC/Stephan Schwartz
You, Me & The Kids Mr Stanley Hugh Beard/Force Four Entertainment/WTN
Terminal City Alex Kim Knechtal/CBC, Vancouver BC Canada


Dear Steven Speilberg (Short) Supporting Stephan Georgiou/LOWFATFILMS
The Road to Guantanamo (Docu-Drama) Principal Michael Winterbottom/Tipton Films Ltd./Revolution Films
The Stick Up Supporting Rowdy Herrington/Stick Up Productions Inc.
Greenmail Principal Jonathon Heap/Greenmail Prods. Inc
Mindstorm Principal Rick Pepin/Mindstorm Productions Inc.
Epicenter Principal Rick Peppin/Media Pro Pics./PM Ent. Group
Final Destination Principal James Wong/New Line Cinema
Camouflage Principal James Keach/Camouflage Prod./Interlight
Y2K Principal Rick Pepin/Y2K Prod. Inc./PM Ent. Group
Grave Decisions Principal Roy Hayter/Shadow Films
Ronnie and Julie Principal Philip Spink/Ronnie and Julie Productions
Knife Edge Principal Anthony Hickox/Knife Edge Productions
The Edge of Tomorrow (Short) Lead Remi Borgeaud/London Film School


D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear Actor Tom McLoughlin/USA Network
Killer Bees Principal Penelope Buitenhuis/UPN
Bang Bang You’re Dead Principal Guy Ferland/Viacom/Showtime
Love And Treason Principal Lewis Teague/Paramount
Dead In A Heartbeat Principal Dan Sackheim/Shavick Ent./TBS Sperstation
By Dawn’s Early Light Principal Arthur Seidelman/Showtime
Sole Survivor Principal Mikael Salomon/Columbia/Tristar
The Inspectors II Principal Brad Turner/Inspectors II Prod./Showtime
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York Principal Mikael Salomon/Hallmark Ent./CBS
Misbegotten Principal Mark L. Lester/Legacy Filmworks Ltd.
Medusa’s Child Principal Larry Shaw/ABC/Columbia Tristar
Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear Principal Walter Klenhard/USA Cable
All The Winters That Have Been Principal Lamont Johnson/CBS/WHB Productions
Gone In a Heartbeat Principal Jerry Jameson/Carla Singer Productions
Tourist Trap Principal Richard Benjamin/Walt Disney Television
Every Mother's Worst Fear Principal Bill L. Norton/Universal/USA Network
Y2K Actor Richard Pepin/PM Entertainment Group


The Jungle Book Baloo Graeme Messer/The Birmingham Stage Company/No.1 UK Tour 2006
Fame - The Musical Mr Myers Karen Bruce/Adam Spiegel Productions/ No.1 UK Tour 2004/05
Jitney (Staged Reading) Shealy Bill Doe/The Vancouver Playhouse, Vancouver BC
Troilus and Cressida (Staged Reading) Aeneas John Juliani/Savage/Savage God Theatre, Vancouver BC
Julius Caesar (Staged Reading) Metallus John Juliani/Savage God Theatre, Vancouver BC
The Comedy of Errors (Staged Read) Balthaser John Juliani/Savage God Theatre, Vancouver BC
King Lear (Staged Reading) Burgundy John Juliani/Savage God Theatre, Vancouver BC
Othello Othello Michael Wener/Way Off Broadway, Vancouver BC
The Merchant of Venice Prince of Morocco Douglas Campbell/Bard on the Beach, Vancouver BC
Much Ado About Nothing Conrad Douglas Campbell/Bard on the Beach, Vancouver BC
Measure for Measure Barnadine/Friar Peter K. Bracht/Studio Theatre, Edmonton AB
The Cherry Orchard Servant Robin Phillips/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
Caesar and Cleopatra First Porter Robin Phillips/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
Macbeth Seyton R.Phillips/S. Wentworth/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
Oliver Bertie Robin Phillips/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
The Royal Hunt of the Sun Villac Umu Robin Phillips/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
Titus Andronicus Aaron the Moor Michael Clarke/Onion Theatre, Edmonton AB
Rude Awakening Angelo Myrna Wyat-Selkirk/Workshop West Theatre, Edmonton AB
La Bete Servant Robin Phillips/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
Wait Until Dark 1st Policeman Stephen Heatley/Citadel Theatre, Edmonton AB
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Aslan Bruce James Productions/Palace Theatre, Southend, Essex


Meshac Gaba-Tate Modern (Art Installation) Nobel Peace Prize Speeches x 3 Fergus Rougier/Loftus Productions.
The Painter (Feature) Re-Voice Lead Marcus Adams/Sink or Swim/Future Post
Navami (Animated Feature) Old Barum/Toren Sreekant Kodela/MagicGlass
Psycho Toxic German (Video Game) AaronCrowley/Father Maloy Doug/K International PLC
Sunbow's Day In The Rain (Short Film) U.S. General Dominik Jun/Delantier Films
Prisoner Searches (Training Module) Male Voice Rick Stevens/Edmonton Police Service
Gundam Wings (Animation Series) Various Westside Studios/Westside Studios
American Cancer Society (TV Commercial) Male T.G. Madison Inc/T.G. Madison Inc
Interactive Cooperate Training Video Various Jula Falvey/NETg/Ireland
God's Teeth (Radio Play) Deacon Kathleen Flaherty/CBC Radio
The Frontier Fort (Public Information) Corp. B. Dean Doug Cole/The Image Works
No Such Number (Radio Play) Corp. Levine Kathleen Flaherty/CBC Radio
The Shooter (Feature) ADR Lead Josef Rusnak/Sink or Swim/Future Post
Crysis (Computer Game) US Soldier Gitte Rasmussen Monis/Nixon McInnes
John Adams (Mini-Series) Various (ADR) Tom Hooper/HBO
Astra Zeneca: Talking Health Together Doctor James Denley/The Sound Company
Hell Boy ll (Feature) Various (ADR) Brendan Donnison/Universal/De Lane Lea
American History Series 1: Empire of Liberty Various Sue Ellis & Polly Hope/BBC Radio 4
This Side of the Truth (Feature) Various (ADR) Gillian Dodders/Shepperton Studios
An Englishman in New York (Feature) News Interviewer & Various (ADR) Richard Laxton/Aquariun/Voice Squad
American History Series 2: Empire of Liberty Various Rosamund Jones/BBC Radio 4
Dennis & Gnasher Pitch Reel Narrator Nick Leaf/One Eight Six & Blue Post
Dread (Feature) Various (ADR) Gillian Dodders/Pinewood Studios
So Blonde II (Video Game) Guama Mark Estdale/Outsource Media


  • Bobsledding
  • Skiing
  • Track & Field
  • Horseback Riding 
  • Baseball

  • Juggling
  • Firearms Trained
  • Rappelling
  • Parachuting
  • Dance –Jazz & Tap
  • Singing bass/Baritone

  • Racquet Sports
  • Golf
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver
  • Police Precision & Pursuit Driving